God loves an unmade bed

By Donald C. Fisher and Father Tom Allender, S.J.

"I always had a belief in God, but I didn't think God had a belief in me."

Having sold over 10,000 copies, God Loves An Unmade Bed has helped many reconnect with themselves and with God.

Father Tom Allender, S.J., and Donald C. Fisher have worked together for over fifteen years, conducting parish missions and speaking to groups across the United States. Father Tom has helped light the spiritual path for thousands of people, sharing his own story with those seeking to discover a more personal God. In these troubled times, his sermons have given the hope that there is spiritual meaning even in our darkest moments.Along with Father Tom, Don Fisher is co-founder of Life's Journey. In addition, Don is a husband and father, and a retired captain paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department. Together, they offer a unique and practical perspective that combines the viewpoints of both layperson and priest. In God Loves an Unmade Bed, they share how God is always present, especially in the midst of the messes and struggles of life. The authors present ways to reconnect and stay connected with ourselves, with God, and with others. All of our relationships are a mirror of our relationship with ourselves and our God.

Thus, spirituality becomes the source of loving one another as God loves us.

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